How to Get More Customers From Your Website or Sales Page in the Next 30 Days
Without Writing a Single Word…

Even If You’ve Never Sold Anything Online!

Everyone knows the internet is a rich source of new leads…

The problem is…

If you don’t speak to your prospective customers, clients and patients in the right way…

You can lose them in 5 seconds or less!

Whether it’s on your website, sales page, your social media, in a video, on a webinar, in an email or in an online advertisement, using the “right message” is critical to first…

Grabbing the Prospect’s Attention…

And second…

Getting them to Take the Desired Action!

Well, luckily for you…

 We’ve solved this problem for you! 

ECE Marketing Services (508-296-5001), located in Walpole, MA, specializes in creating high-conversion “copy” that instantly engages prospects and strategically leads them to take the desired action you want them to take in a friendly and comfortable manner.
Get This Wrong And You’ve Instantly Lost Precarious Revenue…
Here’s the bad news…

If your “copy” doesn’t engage the reader, what you are doing in effect is making it simple for your competition to instantly steal your prospects.


Because guess where they are going after they leave your website, or video or social media page?

They are going to find the person or company that instantly shows them they can solve their problem or help them get what they want.

So even if you’re the best in your marketplace…

And provide a superior product or service…

When the message is wrong it’s like you’re dumping precious revenue down the drain.
More Customers, Clients and Patients in 30 Days or Less
It’s what the right “copy” can do for your business.

Today people are leaving your website (or video or social media page or advertisement) faster than if they knew a Tsunami was coming.

They search, they click, they read your copy and it doesn’t speak directly to their needs, so they are off like a bat out of hell.

But, in as little as 30 days, that will change forever.

No longer will your prospects be heading to your competitors once they find you because they’ll instantly know you have the answers and solutions they need.

Without any extra effort on your part, people who want what you offer will immediately make a connection to you (and your business) simply because you have a marketing message that speaks to fulfilling their desires.
Make More Sales for You or Your Competitors… Which Will It Be?
Everyone knows it’s getting more and more difficult to find new clients…

That’s why you have to ask yourself if it makes sense to continue to drive your prospects to your competitors.

Now that you know the right copy can flip the switch for you, it just makes sense to take complete advantage of using the marketing components you already have in place to your greatest advantage.

Push people away from your business because you’re not “connecting” with them, or change your message and convert them into paying customers?

It’s an easy decision.

Since We Updated My Marketing Strategy, The Enrollments Doubled…

“I have a successful business model, I provided a service that was in demand, was profitable, but had capacity to provide the service to more people. I was having trouble reaching and convincing these additional people to come to me. That’s when I decided to work with Ed.

Since we updated my marketing strategy, the enrollments doubled and I am filling up classes; even turning people away. Many students told me that what they saw was EXACTLY what they were looking for.

I expect that all the new people who are finding me on the internet and choosing me to provide services will tell their friends and family about their positive experiences with my business. This will turn into word of mouth advertising which will take off exponentially. It’s all about getting the ball rolling and now with Ed’s help the ball is definitely rolling!

My recommendation is to trust Ed’s advice and put the focus on the customer and not the business. I have always delivered more than I promise. The mission is to get prospective customers to find this out and see all the benefits that they can enjoy – Ed’s knowledge and experience made this possible.”

Jeff Kaplan
RKBA Personal Safety Training

My Interaction With Prospective Clients Has Almost Doubled.

“I decided to work with Ed because of the sense of “I know can do this” that I felt when first meeting him. He took the time to explain to me exactly what it was going to take to get my business where I wanted it to go, while achieving results that were important to me.

My interaction with prospective clients has almost doubled. We put together a marketing strategy with action goals to meet my business needs. I learned a lot about how to get in front of my customers, provide them with information that is important to them, while closing them, and overcoming objections. My confidence in presentations and in front of customers has been lifted because of the tools I was provided by Ed.

To succeed all you have to do is follow Ed’s directions and put them into action. Trusting someone who has had proven success and is willing to work as hard as you are is definitely a plus in my book.”

Nathan Irvine
GateHouse Sober Community

I Highly Recommend Ed for Anyone Who Needs Help Growing their Business

“Ed has been instrumental to me in directing and moving my business forward. When working for yourself, it’s difficult getting clarity on what it is you must focus on and Ed helped with that dramatically. I have a much better idea of where I want to go and what I need to do to get there.

He also has great expertise on the online aspect of marketing and I learned so much from him during our work together. I highly recommend Ed for anyone who needs help growing their business or just wants straightforward assistance focusing themselves and moving in the right direction.”

Angela Wilcox
AMW Marketing

Make the Shift to Make More Sales
Look, you’re standing at a crossroads here…

You can keep on keeping on and continue the battle of finding new customers, clients and patients using the same old methods you are today.

Or, you can shift your website, social media and your other marketing outlets into HIGH GEAR and start converting the prospects you already have into paying customers by instantly connecting with them and their needs.

It’s your choice.

And to help make it easy for you…

We’ll waive our $97 Marketing Message Assessment Fee and get you pointed in the right direction…

Even if you decide to try improving your message on your own!

Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary assessment and let’s get you on the right road to making more sales in the next 30 days.

Call us now: 508-296-5001

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