Birthday Club Offer

Would you like 20+ NEW customers in your restaurant every month?

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External Birthday Club Benefits

EXPOSURE: You’ll reach a new audience every day.

GOODWILL: It helps to create a strong sense of affinity and goodwill throughout the community, so you become the destination spot for birthday celebrations.

NEW CUSTOMERS: Every 7 days your establishment will be put in front of a new group of local “Birthday People”.

ROI: You’ll see a return on your investment in the first month and convert many of these new customers into long-term regulars.


More than 70% Americans eat out on their birthday.

Birthday guests spend an average of $78 per table.

The average birthday table is a party of 3-4 people.

Birthday Guests are the MOST Profitable Customers!
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And discover the affordable way to constantly bring new patrons into your restaurant.