How Would You Like to Engage All of Your Website Visitors,
Keep Them On Your Site Longer and Get Them to
Take Action Towards Becoming Your Customer?

Fact: Most website visitors leave your page within the first 5 second!


Because you haven’t done anything to engage them and capture their interest.

But, that stops today!

Introducing… Our Custom Animated Spokesperson

In no time at all you can one of our male or female animated characters become the spokesperson for your website…

Where they will greet your visitors, or tell them about a special offer, or get them to sign up for your newsletter, or even get them to click on a link, and go to a specific sales page.

Get Your Own Animated Spokesperson Selling for You!

Engagement Facts:

An Animated Spokesperson on your website can increase engagement by up to 80%…

And after seeing one, 64% of visitors are more likely to buy from you.

Start Today:

So.. Make it easy to grab people’s attention and get them to focus on what you want them to see and hear the most.

Your spokesperson can be on your website working for you in the next few days.

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