Meet President Ed McDonough

Ed McDonough is a nationally recognized Marketing Consultant, the author of the Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide and the founder of the marketing agency, ECE Marketing Services.

Since 2001 Ed has been a successful entrepreneur and multi-business owner who has a unique talent for developing and implementing long-term profitable marketing strategies.

In addition to his business owner experience, Mr. McDonough spent over 25 years as a top-level Information Technology professional and Project Management Consultant in Corporate America, making him well versed in all facets of the business environment.

His real-world brick and mortar business experience combined with his passion for effective web-based marketing has lead him to work with business owners throughout North America.

Active in the local business community, Ed is an experienced business speaker who is engaging, informing, entertaining and educating. He tells it like it is and passionately shares his knowledge and real-life experiences with an open heart.

Mr. McDonough is also active in the local community. He is on the Board of Directors for the Friends of St. Patrick association in Walpole, MA and the former Chariman of the Board of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce, along with being a supporter of other local community based organizations and events.

Ed currently manages the day-to-day operations of ECE Marketing Services, with a focus on attracting new prospects to health and fitness businesses, cosmetic surgeons and services professionals.

For more information, contact Ed at: 508-296-5001

Or you can email him by clicking here: Contact Ed